Choices Tips and Tricks For You to Level up in the Game

Choices Tips and Tricks

This Choices: Stories You Play is a leading simulation game in the mobile gaming industry. In the game, players have to complete the stories by choosing suitable answers.

There is manly kind of stories available, and some of them are based on novels and popular stories. It’s a well-developed game by Pixelberry, and also with it, they have already released so many amazing and popular mobile games as well.

Many of the stories in the game are very emotional and overwhelmed and relates to real-life so well.

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Millions of gamers play the game, and every gamer has different choices they love, and on that based, and they choose their first story from the game to complete.

When you start playing, you will be given three stories and all of them you have to choose one. That particular story is for your understanding, and if you loved to complete that first story, then you must love other stories as well.

Some chapters of the game are very popular, and if you play them, you will definitely love them. There are some amazing chapters available in it, and now we’ll know about them –

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The Crown & the Flame – It’s a beautiful and story of courage, after losing the kingdom now the time is to take it back with strong army, masters, and magicians that will help you to take your kingdom back.

It is one of the best stories of the game, and that is why whoever plays the game, surely attempts this story.

The freshman – It’s a story based on University life where you have to make new friends and live a life that fully related to the university.

There are many amazing life situations and moments available in the sorry that you will love to play.

Apart from these stories, there are more amazing stories that are available in it, and you just can’t describe those into words how beautiful they are.

To unlock more stories, you have the keys, and there is an important cheats for choices stories you play game below that will help in-game.

Use Keys to unlock chapters

Keys are an important part of the game, and the use of keys can unlock many of the stories of the game.

The game totally based on the stories and chapters, and it also provides you the keys to unlock many awesome chapters and stories as well.

Many of the stories are unique, and those can only be unlocked by keys and without having the keys, it is not possible.

Customize the characters as well

If you have the right to customize the character, and then it will be the best feature of the game, and now you have it.

After the update of Choices: Stories You Play, the developers have provided the new feature that gamers can change the costumes and accessories of the characters.

It is quite fun for the majority of the gamers because the players were waiting for the feature for a long time.

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