Covet Fashion Tips Tricks and Strategies

Are you trying to progress in the Covet Fashion game faster?

Don’t know how to win all events smoothly? Don’t be worry, more as paying attention to the forthcoming content more helps you to solve all queries besides learn how to become a pro player.

But before discussing the tips, tricks, or strategies, let’s have a quick overview of the Covet Fashion game first.

Covet Fashion Tips and Tricks

Covet Fashion is one of the trending fashion-based game introduced for Android and iOS devices. The goal of every user in the game is to dress-up the Avatar totally by purchasing different items, materials, or elements.

After completing the dress-up, you can participate in various events, challenges, or missions in order to become a pro player.

Due to its features, graphics, gameplay, and so on, you can explore endless fun besides can enhance various fashion designing skills.

Diamonds and tickets

Diamonds and tickets are two main currencies of the Covet Fashion game that are used to participate in different events and to buy various items.

Every 24 hours, you are going to collect 100 diamonds as well as 20 tickets for free as a daily bonus. Users are suggested to login into the game daily in order to obtain more currencies as well as items.

On the other hand, it’s not an easy task to earn these currencies as they are more useful. Maintaining each currency in a more substantial amount enables every gamer to progress faster, besides playing smoothly like no one another can.

Also, it allows you to reduce all stress besides enhancing playing skills.

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What is a stylish spree?

Every week a stylish spree held in Covet Fashion game that permits players to earn more rewards, badges, cool prizes, and so on.

Participate in individual events in order to enter in stylish spree besides to collect more awards. Don’t try to skip the event as from this; you are going to learn which thing matters a lot.

Also, if you are a beginner in the Covet Fashion game, you are going to enjoy the stylish spree events as well as prizes.

Fashion material

Different kinds of fashion materials are available in the game, such as hairs, brands, eyes, skins, tone, and dresses.

Purchasing the items correctly as per the objective allows them to progress faster and to win every challenge quickly.

Whereas, hair, skin, and makeup make a big difference in the overlook of an Avatar. Leveling up faster helps you to collect expensive fashion kits with earning a massive amount of in-game currencies. Here is a complete covet fashion cheat to level up fast in the game.


You can rate other supermodels in the game designed by other users. Also, they are able to rate you Avatar by completing specific tasks.

Getting good ratings always means you have excellent fashion skills besides becoming a master player. Try to send and receive good ratings still because it shows more than half the performance of a player.

Don’t forget to focus on the details of items more as sometimes purchasing a useful material is more than looks.

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