My Story Choose Your Own Path Game Facts

my story game facts

My Story Choose Your Own Path is a fantastic interactive simulation game developed and presented by “Nanobit Games”. You can access the game downloading it on your handheld device from Google play store or Apple app store.

If you are new to these interactive storytelling games, then be informed that it is the recent genre of playing games through creating a virtual life. Also, you get the chance to write the story in your own way.

Among all the limited games that are available in this genre, it has some special feature which will relieve you from the daily stress.

However, you might not get access to all the aspects of the game unless you know about the My Story Choose Your Own Path cheats.

Build your character

Build your personality of fantasy and plan to dig a little deeper into another virtual path that is more like a realistic simulation.

My story Choose your own path is the newest addition in the mobile gaming community. That’s the key idea for this game’s development, as it will give you the opportunities that you hopefully won’t get into your life.

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Hundreds of Stories

Like many other games, you need not use any in-game currency to access the stories in this game. Diamonds and tickets are the game currency which you can spend on getting many valuable outfits or make a decision in the game.

In the different stage of the game, you will be given options to select one path which will require you to spend diamonds.

Choose your Path

The best feature of the interactive game is to write your own story as you desire. In real life, you might have encountered different hindrances, and your unfulfilled aspirations can be accomplished in this virtual life.

Though the basic story remains the same, your choices make the difference in the ending.


Another essential aspect you should know in the game is the different option of customization.

Select one colour of skin for your hero, from the three alternatives available, light shades, multi-coloured, and black colour. Note that your attire will never influence the series of events at the starting point.

Next step is to choose the most appropriate hairstyle for you. There are also only three choices available in this case at the beginning.

As you reach the advanced stage of the game, you will be more comfortable as you can manage the customization section much deeper. Plenty of options available at these advanced stages. You can unlock more options through spending diamonds.


After reading the above aspects, it is not a bad choice to give the game a try. But there is a demand for in-game currencies. You may require them to make changes in stories.

Fit if you know our tips, you can play the game as a free to play gamer or a low spender.

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