Solitaire Tripeaks Cheats & Hacks For Unlimited Free Coins

solitaire tripeaks hack

Solitaire Tripeaks is a recent version of the age-old solitaire Card game genre. For Card lovers, it is designed in an innovative way for a mobile device.

Still, with all aspect one feature is the microtransaction model of the game. You need to spend coins to enter every game and there comes the requirement of coins. Though the Internet is flooded with Solitaire Tripeaks cheats,  most of them do not specify legal ways to collect coins. We believe that this article will bring an end to your desperate search of coins.

Solitaire Tripeaks Gameplay Coins

The foremost tip is to collect as many coins you can from each level of the game. Complete the goal, earn all streak Coins and play fast to receive the bonus; these are the three fundamentals of the game. Stop spending coins in Undo to save more.

Solitaire Tripeaks Daily Rewarding System

The daily rewarding system is redesigned in the game, and you can collect coins and boosters daily. All your daily reward bonuses come in your Inbox. You will find Inbox at your right side of the screen.

daily bonus

You can collect 1000 coins as a daily video Bonus. You need to watch the promotional video to get these rewards; if you don’t want to watch, you will miss 1000 coins. But you can do so by clicking on “NO Thanks” button.

Solitaire Tripeaks Free Coins

At the bottom right corner of your screen, you will find an image of a pile of coins. That is an excellent Solitaire Tripeaks hack tool to collect free coin from the game. When you open the tab, you will get the following options:

Free Coin Meter

There is a chest full of 1000 coins at the left side of this tab. It is the coin meter that refills with thousand coins in every twenty minutes. But the trick is once it reaches 1000 coin it stops counting. You need to collect them to start the counting again. Setting notification in your device you will never miss these coins.

Facebook Connection

When you connect your Facebook account with the game, you will get a coin bonus apart from other advantages. Tap on the Facebook button and connect with your friends playing the game. If you do not have any friend playing the game, we have a Solitaire Tripeaks hack. Use a different Facebook account and connect. Send an invitation to the other account and collect the hooping 3000 coins.

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Treasure Shrine Mini Game

Treasure shrine is a mini-game that allows you to win one million coins. But you have to spend coins to enter. For every draw, you need 2500 coins, but the rewards are guaranteed. When you win the jackpot, you will get this 1million coin.

Watch Ad

The final tab in this location is the easiest Solitaire Tripeaks cheats from the game. Watching commercial ads, you can win up to 5000 coins. After watching the ad, you are given three cards, and you have to tap one of these.

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All these cards contain coin rewards. Based on your choice, the card will flip and show the amount of coin you win. But these ads are not available in Solitaire Tripeaks mod apk.

Also, there is a mega Solitaire Tripeaks hack you can win from this tab. After you finish watching all the ads, you are gifted one wild card.

Play Quests

Quests are excellent Solitaire Tripeaks cheats in the game to collect the reward. After you complete level 13, you can play the quest. Complete these daily and weekly quest and win multiple awards.

Red Star Leaderboard

Read Star Leader board is another Solitaire Tripeaks hack to collect boosters and wild cards.

Weekly tasks are given to you from which you can collect red stars. As you play the game, your count of red star increases and finally at the end of the week, you are given hooping rewards for the top of the leader boards.

Join a Club

When you pass level 20, you can join a club. Clubs are excellent Solitaire Tripeaks hack to win bonus rewards since apart from the quest bonus you are given club rewards daily and weekly. As the members of the club play the game, they earn club points.

It’s All About Perks

Using the Club Points, you can unlock Perks. Perks are daily and weekly prizes rewarded to club members. The harder the perks, the rewards are more exciting.

Perk Events become available every week, and the rewards come at the end of events. These rewards can are mainly coins, Chests, Boosters, Wild Cards and other items.

Collect Tributes

Apart from Club points, you can Collect Tributes through the games that are marked with the Tribute icon. Winning Tribute levels are Solitaire Tripeaks cheats to earn additional Club Points.

These tributes are essential in Perk Events to cool down the volcano eruption. Once the Volcano erupts, the Perk Progress is stopped.

Solitaire Tripeak Club Champs

The biggest Solitaire Tripeaks cheats to collect excellent rewards has come recently in events. If your club wins the highest prizes in events, you are issued champ crown. The best three clubs receive exciting bonuses winning the game.

But you need to collect these rewards manually from the Inbox before the crown disappears from your portrait. But do not play the game using Solitaire Tripeaks hack apk.

Hidden Coins

Hidden coin is the latest Solitaire Tripeaks IGN cheats. These hidden coins are available at the Tiki Seas. All you have to find Pufferfish and tame them. As the fish become your pet, they will reward you with these hidden coins.


One can play Solitaire Tripeaks smoothly without spending any money if they know all the routes to earn coins. All the above Solitaire Tripeaks cheats are an easy way to collect this valuable currency. Strike them all and play uninterrupted.

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