Ways to Make Your Kingdom Bigger and Stronger In “King of Avalon”


Globally King of Avalon: Dragon War is popular for its MMO concept, and this is what makes it popular and addictive.

Players from worldwide play it, and the number of players is just increasing rapidly because it has provided many events and tournaments match for the players that help the players to grow their kingdom faster.

Now developers are also focusing on adding some features as they always do to make the game more interesting in fact, it is already very interesting, but it will be more after the updates. Now if you want to make the kingdom bigger than just follow some important cheats for king of avalon game :–

Raise the dragon properly

Dragon is a strong asset in games because in defense and attack, in both conditions, it can be used.

Dragon is like a trump card of the game because, with the help of a dragon, you can win any battle in the game, but you have tom keep you dragon strong and upgraded. From the beginning dragon to a higher level dragon, there is so much difference, and you will see it after the upgrade.

From the beginning to higher, everything will be changed about dragon if you keep it upgraded. There are many players in game that does it, and if you want to have a stronger kingdom, then you also have to do it to be powerful.

After getting bigger, Dragons can be so solid and deadly, and it now depends on the player that how they will raise their dragon.

Upgrade & train the troops

It’s a great thing about the game you can upgrade whatever you want, and in this thing, you can also upgrade your army as well.

From the beginning level of army troops to a higher level higher, you will find so much difference and damage effect about players.

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Upgrading the army is not an easy task but can help you so much in defeating the opponents and making the kingdom strong.

Upgrading can enhance the damage-dealing numbers, speed, and endurance of army troops. There are so many army troops available in one team, and if you upgrade them, your army will be strong as well.

Turn the shield on

Defending the kingdom is also a major part of the game, and if you think that you can make your kingdom strong just by upgrading to the army but not the buildings, so it is your biggest mistake in King of Avalon: Dragon War.

Millions of players play it, and every player wants to defend their kingdom. If you do have or don’t have high-level defenses or buildings, still you can save them the shield.

While the shield is active in your kingdom, no player will be able to attack you and will be safe and secure properly.

However, if you have better ideas, then you can fo9low it, but these tips are very important if you are looking to have the best kingdom.

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