What to do After Reaching DragonVale’s Elusive Rift Dimension

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As you cross level 28 on DragonVale, a completely new dimension called the ‘Rift’ opens up. Once unlocked, players get access to the Rift Gate, which allows them to enter this dimension where players can discover rare and unique dragons.

Becoming a Master of the Breeding Cave

The Rift’s Breeding Cave is the most exciting part of this dimension. It is where you can breed dragons who have the ‘Rift element.’ The currency in the Rift dimension is Etherium. By spending Etherium, players get to combine dragons and get instant results that are hybrid and unique.

Rift element dragons possess one or more unique characteristics that they inherit from their Rift element parents.

Obstacles in the Rift Element

To fully establish their ground in this dimension, players have to beat the Miasmic Ether, an atrophic force of this dimension that prevents players from exploring and developing the regions of the game where it builds up.

Players have to use Etherium to clear this fog of Miasmic Ether. The cleared area gets added to your net Riftspace, and the Miasmic Ether turns into rays of beautiful light. Players will come across these foggy ether infected areas all the time in this dimension.

Etherium can only beat light miasmic ether. First, beat the light miasmic ether regions to earn the power needed to beat dark miasmic ether.


Etherium is the players’ life source in the Rift. Etherium can be earned by completing Airships, collecting your rewards from overflowing Rift Habitats, finding Etherium vortices by exploring the dimension, and by releasing Dragons from the Breeding Caves. Another way to earn ether is by using www.dragonvalecheats.club tips and tricks mentioned on their website.

Once you breed enough dragons and become experienced in Rift breeding, you can transport these dragons to your DragonVale dimension. Make sure to feed the dragons as frequently as possible to earn the XP needed to explore even more aspects of the Rift!

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